A curious collaboration

Mathemalchemy is an exciting collaborative enterprise, driven by the energy and enthusiasm of twenty-four mathematical artists and artistic mathematicians who are working to create a large multimedia art installation that celebrates the creativity and beauty of mathematics.


Spotlight on Stereographic Projections

Watch Henry Segerman’s video chronicle.

One of the mathematical scenes that I’ve been involved with is the lighthouse. The top of the lighthouse will have two lights – one projecting horizontally from within a stained glass dodecahedron made by Bronna Butler, and the other projecting up on the the ceiling.

This will repurpose an old project of mine illustrating something called stereographic projection. Stereographic projection is a map from the sphere to the plane. So just like the Mercator map is a way of getting the continents of the globe on a flat piece of paper, stereographic projection is another way to do that.

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Chronicling the project’s progress

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A 360° experience of the one-quarter-size maquette

Here you can explore the one-quarter-size maquette realized by Mathemalchemy’s Artistic Director Dominique Ehrmann. This miniature gives a holistic view of the final installation – but bear in mind that it is merely a maquette. For instance, the polyhedral dice are stand-ins for intricate 3D-printed polyhedral rocks in the full-scale installation. Many other details will also be more striking in the final installation, which we expect to unveil by the summer of 2021.

Celebrating beauty and creativity



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The Debut of Mathemalchemy

Our Sponsors

We are extremely thankful for the help and financial support of our sponsors. Their valuable help has enabled the Mathemalchemy project to realize its visual explorations of mathematical creativity.