Mathemalchemy Art Installation


Juniata College

June 23 – December 3, 2022

1700 Moore Street
(corner of Moore and 17th Streets)
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Photo: Kevin Allen


Mathemalchemy Documentary

Watch the inside story of the genesis and vision of Mathemalchemy, a unique and collaborative art exhibit exploring the beauty of mathematics.
Videographer: Wil Weldon

Drift in Mathemalchemy

Take control of the camera by clicking and dragging around in this immersive video made by Mathemalchemist Henry Segerman.

Mathemalchemy Art Installation

Building Mathemalchemy

Henry Segerman takes you inside Duke’s University to watch this artistic & mathematical installation unfold.

Want to know more about the fabrication of individual components?

Notices article: Q&A with the Mathemalchemists collaborators
When asked to contribute a Chronicle about their experience in writing, illustrating …
Antikythera Mechanism
Initial brainstorm The initial brainstorming sessions for Mathemalchemy's Bay were full of …
How to knit a Tortoise in n+1 steps
Tess the Tortoise was designed with a knit body and a ceramic …

Chronicling the project’s progress

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Our Sponsors

We are extremely thankful for the help and financial support of our sponsors. Their valuable help has enabled the Mathemalchemy project to realize its visual explorations of mathematical creativity.