Throughout the process, individual Mathemalchemists (not all from the inner group) volunteered their individual stories, chronicling one aspect of Mathemalchemy from a point of view of their own choosing.

Spotlight on Stereographic Projections

Watch Henry Segerman’s video chronicle.

One of the mathematical scenes that I’ve been involved with is the lighthouse. The top of the lighthouse will have two lights – one projecting horizontally from within a stained glass dodecahedron made by Bronna Butler, and the other projecting up on the the ceiling.

This will repurpose an old project of mine illustrating something called stereographic projection. Stereographic projection is a map from the sphere to the plane. So just like the Mercator map is a way of getting the continents of the globe on a flat piece of paper, stereographic projection is another way to do that.

Lasered Mathemalchemy's Snowflake

Snowflakes and Lasers

It is always snowing over Riemann-Lebesgue Hill. This snow is likely a bit different from what you see falling in your neighborhood. The snowflakes in the Mathemalchemy exhibit are formed using mathematics and lasers.

Mice Symmetries Susan Golstine

If You Give a Mouse Some Symmetries

In recent years, I have been increasingly absorbed by representing different symmetry structures in various fiber arts: knitting, embroidery, beadwork, and so forth. The underlying mathematics is fascinating and often interacts with each handcraft in subtle ways.

Dodecahedral Trajectory by Bronna Butler

Dodecahedral Trajectory

Mathemalchemy’s beacon reflects a 2020 breakthrough of mathematicians Jayadev Athreya, David Aulicino and Patrick Hooper.

Bronna Butler, professional artist, math lover and Mathemalchemy team member, demonstrates how her stained glass creation illustrates one of the infinitely many dodecahedral trajectories.

The Mandelbrot Bakery

Discover the mathematical inspiration underpinning the creation of the Mandelbrot Bakery.

One of Marjorie Rice’s tilings, symmetry, Vladimir Arnold’s cat, dynamical systems and many more mathematical concepts are represented in this charming bakery.

The Maquette’s Creation Process

Bringing together twenty-three mathematical artists and artistic mathematicians to create a large multimedia art installation requires planning . . . and a detailed maquette (aka, preliminary model).

Dominique Ehrmann introduced the Mathemalchemy team members to her Maquette Creation Process. See how the three maquettes helped to create, discuss, question, structure, validate and inspire them.

Conway's Curios Vitrine

Conway’s Curios

Conway’s Curios is a small shop that satisfies your need for all sorts of curious mathematical objects. It sits downtown in the imaginary world of Mathemalchemy, created by a collection of mathematicians and artists.