Cryptography Quilt Story

A deeper incursion in the Cryptography Quilt Story  It is mysterious, depicting all manner of things. We think we can recognize animals — a pigeon, a squirrel, a little man — but we are not sure. It is also clearly a source of hidden energy: some of the Cavalcade pages became attracted to its verso,Continue reading “Cryptography Quilt Story”

Tortoise Story

A deeper incursion in the Tortoise Story On waking up, Tess the Tortoise felt this was going to be a special day – a day to have an adventure. As always, she made a careful plan, and started her list. Breakfast first, of course – a nice leisurely breakfast; nothing good was ever accomplished onContinue reading “Tortoise Story”

Silhouette and Vortices Story

“Oma, when I look up in that direction, through my eyelashes between half-closed eyelids, I can see some huge shadow there, against the sky. Can you see it too? Do you know what it is?” “I wondered whether you could see it — sometimes you become very still when you look in that direction, peeringContinue reading “Silhouette and Vortices Story”

Great Doodle Page Story

The Great Doodle Page was born from the stubborn nature of several sheets that were originally members of the Aerial Cavalcade, in which they could have continued to congenially whirl around with the others. No, instead they wanted it their own way. Here you see their content trying to settle down on one large pageContinue reading “Great Doodle Page Story”

Mathematical Connections in the Cryptography Quilt

Cryptography or “secret writing” is an old concept. For several millenia at least, people have wanted to communicate messages to distant others in such a way that even if the message was intercepted, it would not be readable by the interceptors. To achieve this, they have used different forms of “encoding” information; would-be interceptors inventedContinue reading “Mathematical Connections in the Cryptography Quilt”

Curio Shop Story

Harriet Conway, the shopkeeper of Conway’s Curios has just opened up the metallic security door, turned on the lighting, preened herself, and hopped onto her perch for what she hopes will be another good day. She looks around appreciatively — all the luxury wares in the store are displayed optimally. The fragile but gorgeous handblownContinue reading “Curio Shop Story”

Mathematical Connections in the Cavalcade

About the Cavalcade The collection of sheets is very diverse, ranging from interesting and/or beautiful figures to amusing tidbits to “aha” visualizations and historical documents or insights; some of them honor a particular mathematician. There is no mathematical rhyme or reason to their order here: this is simply the order in which they were manufactured,Continue reading “Mathematical Connections in the Cavalcade”

Terrace Story

On the Terrace, Harriet’s brother Horton has checked that everything is ready to welcome visitors. The buffet is set out with cups, saucers and plates – and today he did not forget napkins. Apart from cream tea, visitors can let themselves be tempted by delicacies baked in the Mandelbrot Bakery nearby: the eponymous mandelbrots ofContinue reading “Terrace Story”

Knotical Story

The turbhoversailboat is back in Knotilus Bay again. The engineer was not wholly displeased with the performance of the new turbine-sails, but as he walked away one could hear him mutter about maybe another round of modeling. Oblivious to his concerns, the two Fish[H]erons that make up the crew have settled in for a niceContinue reading “Knotical Story”