Bakery – Fabrication

The Bakery was a component of the installation that was proposed fairly early on. Its original blueprint was drawn by Dominique Ehrmann; it was later slightly adapted by Edmund Harriss, to bring angles in more complete harmony with pentagonal symmetry. It was built out of wood by Edmund and Gavin Smith. The design of theContinue reading “Bakery – Fabrication”

Bakery – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

A deeper incursion in the Tortoise Story His assistant Mo[u]se is telling him about other cookie shapes they have designed that have the same property. Yet the rims of the bowls used by Arnold are decorated with an equation, not with geometric motifs –  those bowls are a present to our Baker from a veryContinue reading “Bakery – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass”

Bakery – Mathematical Connections

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The Mandelbrot Bakery

Discover the mathematical inspiration underpinning the creation of the Mandelbrot Bakery.

One of Marjorie Rice’s tilings, symmetry, Vladimir Arnold’s cat, dynamical systems and many more mathematical concepts are represented in this charming bakery.