Notices article: Q&A with the Mathemalchemists collaborators

When asked to contribute a Chronicle about their experience in writing, illustrating and revising the Notices article, in the August 2022 issue, the authors balked at first — didn’t the article speak for itself? Then Zizai Cue and Alex Winn, two students associated with the department of Mathematics at Duke University, proposed a list of questions forContinue reading “Notices article: Q&A with the Mathemalchemists collaborators”

Great Doodle Page – Fabrication

Designing the Great Doodle Page Fabricating the Great Doodle Page was a collaboration between Dominique Ehrmann and Ingrid Daubechies. The shape of the Page was already determined (as the reverse of the Cryptography Quilt, which was designed and fabricated earlier) before detailed fabrication began.  Dominique first produced a design for the border, which was thenContinue reading “Great Doodle Page – Fabrication”

Silhouettes – Fabrication

Silhouettes Designing the Silhouettes The Silhouettes were drawn by Dominique Ehrmann. The Little Girl and Teenager underwent some minor variations until their outline was fixed, but the Adult changed quite a bit – maybe because Dominique’s perception of mathematicians changed as the project progressed? Silhouettes Fabrication Once their design was finalized, they were vectorized inContinue reading “Silhouettes – Fabrication”

Lighthouse – Fabrication

Lighthouse Structure The Lighthouse was modeled by Sabetta Matsumoto using Mathematica and Rhinoceros 3D software; one of the principles in the design was inspired by the Zip-Form system by Edmund Harriss and Emily Baker, which eases the production of complex curving forms made from flat sheets, in this case steel.  It was CNC cut out of mild steel andContinue reading “Lighthouse – Fabrication”

Knotical – Fabrication

The design of the overall Ocean in the Knotical Scene is due to Tasha Pruitt and Dominique Ehrmann, with Tasha taking care of the execution of numerous, painstaking details. For some components she was assisted by Kathy Peterson, Faye Goldman, Sam Pezzimenti, Li-Mei Lim and Ingrid Daubechies, who used crochet, bead and origami techniques toContinue reading “Knotical – Fabrication”

Bakery – Fabrication

The Bakery was a component of the installation that was proposed fairly early on. Its original blueprint was drawn by Dominique Ehrmann; it was later slightly adapted by Edmund Harriss, to bring angles in more complete harmony with pentagonal symmetry. It was built out of wood by Edmund and Gavin Smith. The design of theContinue reading “Bakery – Fabrication”

Mural – Fabrication

Unlike most of the components in the Mathemalchemy installation, the Mural is the work of only one Mathemalchemist, apart from small details. Bronna Butler conceived of the idea, designed the scene and painted the panels. Some of the ideas emerged in discussions: the realization that the octonion mnemonic would be especially appropriate on the backContinue reading “Mural – Fabrication”

Cavalcade – Fabrication

After a size was decided for a page, fabrication started by Ingrid Daubechies making or obtaining a version at sufficiently high resolution to print a sharp version via Spoonflower at the desired scale. These were then sewn by Dominique Ehrmann on a substrate that allows for a  different curling configuration (using a heat gun) inContinue reading “Cavalcade – Fabrication”

Curio Shop – Fabrication

First building in Mathemalchemy The shop building was the first Mathemalchemy structure that was physically built; it featured in a poster in honor of John Conway, shown at the Princeton memorial held in Fall 2020 celebrating his life (read Conway’s Curios). It was designed together with the Bakery by Dominique Ehrmann, and built out ofContinue reading “Curio Shop – Fabrication”

Garden & Reef – Fabrication

Origami The origami models were folded by Faye Goldman, Li-Mei Lim and Samantha Pezzimenti.  Read also Origami in Mathemalchemy and Cootie Catcher Fortune Tellers by Faye. Videos and references See the whole process on this Instagram post made by Li-Mei. For more references The negative curvature patchwork quilt was sewn by Daina. Garden sculpture The GardenContinue reading “Garden & Reef – Fabrication”