Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism: an inspiring suggestion When Ingrid suggested having the Antikythera Mechanism somewhere in the Knotical scene, I dove for the chance to recreate one. Information and photographs of the pieces are prevalent these days. So much more is known now about the profound relics since scientists have made significant progress in figuring out the device’sContinue reading “Antikythera Mechanism”

Knotical – Fabrication

The design of the overall Ocean in the Knotical Scene is due to Tasha Pruitt and Dominique Ehrmann, with Tasha taking care of the execution of numerous, painstaking details. For some components she was assisted by Kathy Peterson, Faye Goldman, Sam Pezzimenti, Li-Mei Lim and Ingrid Daubechies, who used crochet, bead and origami techniques toContinue reading “Knotical – Fabrication”