Silhouette and Vortices – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

“Oma, when I look up in that direction, through my eyelashes between half-closed eyelids, I can see some huge shadow there, against the sky. Can you see it too? Do you know what it is?” “I wondered whether you could see it — sometimes you become very still when you look in that direction, peeringContinue reading “Silhouette and Vortices – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass”

Cavalcade – Mathematical Connections

About the Cavalcade The collection of sheets is very diverse, ranging from interesting and/or beautiful figures to amusing tidbits to “aha” visualizations and historical documents or insights; some of them honor a particular mathematician. There is no mathematical rhyme or reason to their order here: this is simply the order in which they were manufactured,Continue reading “Cavalcade – Mathematical Connections”