Silhouettes – Fabrication

Silhouettes Designing the Silhouettes The Silhouettes were drawn by Dominique Ehrmann. The Little Girl and Teenager underwent some minor variations until their outline was fixed, but the Adult changed quite a bit – maybe because Dominique’s perception of mathematicians changed as the project progressed? Silhouettes Fabrication Once their design was finalized, they were vectorized inContinue reading “Silhouettes – Fabrication”

Silhouette and Vortices – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

“Oma, when I look up in that direction, through my eyelashes between half-closed eyelids, I can see some huge shadow there, against the sky. Can you see it too? Do you know what it is?” “I wondered whether you could see it — sometimes you become very still when you look in that direction, peeringContinue reading “Silhouette and Vortices – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass”

Cavalcade – Mathematical Connections

About the Cavalcade The collection of sheets is very diverse, ranging from interesting and/or beautiful figures to amusing tidbits to “aha” visualizations and historical documents or insights; some of them honor a particular mathematician. There is no mathematical rhyme or reason to their order here: this is simply the order in which they were manufactured,Continue reading “Cavalcade – Mathematical Connections”