Cavalcade – Fabrication

After a size was decided for a page, fabrication started by Ingrid Daubechies making or obtaining a version at sufficiently high resolution to print a sharp version via Spoonflower at the desired scale. These were then sewn by Dominique Ehrmann on a substrate that allows for a  different curling configuration (using a heat gun) inContinue reading “Cavalcade – Fabrication”

Cavalcade – Mathematical Connections

About the Cavalcade The collection of sheets is very diverse, ranging from interesting and/or beautiful figures to amusing tidbits to “aha” visualizations and historical documents or insights; some of them honor a particular mathematician. There is no mathematical rhyme or reason to their order here: this is simply the order in which they were manufactured,Continue reading “Cavalcade – Mathematical Connections”

Cavalcade – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Sheets of paper whirling – what is the writing on them? And the pictures — so many pictures … Ideas, pictures, mementos, memories, visualizations, explanations, beauty, insights … and more – all things that could amuse or bemuse a mathematician, that dance in the air and in her mind. (And sometimes the sheets leave theContinue reading “Cavalcade – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass”