Great Doodle Page – Fabrication

Designing the Great Doodle Page Fabricating the Great Doodle Page was a collaboration between Dominique Ehrmann and Ingrid Daubechies. The shape of the Page was already determined (as the reverse of the Cryptography Quilt, which was designed and fabricated earlier) before detailed fabrication began.  Dominique first produced a design for the border, which was thenContinue reading “Great Doodle Page – Fabrication”

Great Doodle Page – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

The Great Doodle Page was born from the stubborn nature of several sheets that were originally members of the Aerial Cavalcade, in which they could have continued to congenially whirl around with the others. No, instead they wanted it their own way. Here you see their content trying to settle down on one large pageContinue reading “Great Doodle Page – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass”

Great Doodle Page – Mathematical Connections

Celebrating women mathematicians The border and the six different zones within the Doodle Page each celebrate a different woman mathematician; they belong to different disciplines as well as different epochs, but each is illustrated by drawings or doodles of her own hand. Read more about the Great Doodle Page Next: Mathematical Connections in the BallContinue reading “Great Doodle Page – Mathematical Connections”