Stack of Books – Fabrication

Books: From the beginning to the end The Stack of Books was one of the very early components for the installation. Once we had decided that the books should be recognizable, in that one would see titles and authors on their spines, we had lengthy discussions about which books to pick. It became clear quicklyContinue reading “Stack of Books – Fabrication”

Stack of Books – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Stack-of-Books is a rock formation at the outskirts of the park. It looks so remarkably like a stack of books that the name was inescapable. It has been a long tradition to spruce up the colors on the formation on a regular basis, so that it continues to look like a stack of gigantic realContinue reading “Stack of Books – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass”

Stack of Books – Mathematical Connections

There are basically four categories of books in and near the Stack: historically important books going back to the very roots of mathematical thinking in different cultures, more contemporary mathematics books of which the title, content or author are particularly meaningful for the concepts illustrated in the installation in a serious or playful way, andContinue reading “Stack of Books – Mathematical Connections”