Ball Arches Story

A deeper incursion in the Ball Arches story Then, suddenly, when no-one was paying attention, it burst open with a loud bang, and as we looked up, we saw the Arches spring forth, in their glorious color! The Arch reaching up settled down quickly; the other Arch wriggled for a while until it felt comfortable,Continue reading “Ball Arches Story”

Converging and Diverging Ball Arches

Two Ball Arches over Mathemalchemy When you first saw Mathemalchemy, what struck you the most? Let’s guess it’s the two arches showing balls (spheres) of different sizes. Although the spheres in both arches become arbitrarily small, the spheres in one arch extend indefinitely, crashing into the ocean and plummeting into its depths. The spheres in the otherContinue reading “Converging and Diverging Ball Arches”