Ball Arches – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Ball Arches in Mathemalchemy

Ball Arches Story

Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

A deeper incursion in the Ball Arches story

At first, a small bump emerged, a very gentle bump in the Large Sheet, during the settling down of the different components of what is now the Great Doodle Page. As these components were finding their way, the round bump grew and grew. Was this an allergic reaction to the invasion of the Cryptography Quilt’s verso by the pages escaping from the Cavalcade ? It was worrisome — but the Quilt remained unaffected on the other side, so we tried not to worry. It was as if the Sheet was pregnant — could one divine some movement, some reorganizing of innards behind that taut skin?

Then, suddenly, when no-one was paying attention, it burst open with a loud bang, and as we looked up, we saw the Arches spring forth, in their glorious color!

The Arch reaching up settled down quickly; the other Arch wriggled for a while until it felt comfortable, sinking its seemingly endlessly growing tail of balls with ever so slightly diminishing diameters into the Bay.

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