Lighthouse – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Puffin keepers changing shift on the Lighthouse

Lighthouse Story

Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Like lighthouses everywhere, the one in the Mathemalchemy installation illuminates the world around it, and guides seafarers on their way, or to a safe port if they have reached the end of a voyage. 

Its beautiful red and yellow beacon is a familiar and welcome sight to the fleet of boats that sail or turbine up and down the coast, and everyone enjoys the delightful alternative to stars that it projects up when the sky is overcast.

  • Lighthouse

The puffin keepers are changing shifts; Nabla and Del are just comparing notes as they meet up on the ramp to the top. Both of them share OctoPi’s particular talent to “flit” between 2D and 3D; Nabla was hurrying up so fast that we can glimpse echoes of a couple of his locations! Maybe after their change-of-shift brief, they will head for the Terrace for some refreshment and a mandelbrot, always a pleasant break.

The spiral ramp to the top is accessible to the local public, although they really should check with the Lighthouse keepers beforehand. The bottom bit of it is of course open to everyone, without permission, since it is the way to the Terrace. And now that OctoPi’s new mural is in place, a walk along the ramp is also the best way to view the details of her painting!

  • Mural behind the lighthouse

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