Mural – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Mural in detail


Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

The poulpe behind the lighthouse

OctoPi has many talents. Here she is enlivening this dark corner behind the Lighthouse with some luminous graffiti, painting and drawing whatever goes through her mind, inspired by the scenes around her, in the Bakery or the Curio Shop or the Bay

She just is putting the last tentacles to two equations in neon colors – has she seen that she is also dripping paint and making green ripples below?

The candle she was holding to give a little extra light has just been snuffed out by the breeze, and the smoke coming from its wick is making funny figures as it wafts past the mahlstick she is holding up with that same tentacle. 

At the other side of the wall, yet another tentacle is adding the last crayon touches to a funny triangular drawing. OctoPi likes this picture a lot – even though there are only seven labeled spots in it, she knows that it is really associated with the number eight, and eight is such a lovely number. 

She has also almost finished spray-painting all the water in which she is swimming. (Yes – she still has two tentacles below the water, so she can swim!) Painting the water mass was what she started with – without water it would just not have been comfortable. But the surface on that left bit of wall still needed something extra – putting in a ferocious wavelet was a good idea – it is just the thing. 

Soon OctoPi will have finished her decoration of what was just a dreary bit of wall – she is glad she thought of cheering it up. It is a piece worth bearing her signature, which she has already added, on the lower right. She will slip back into 3 dimensions, to see what mischief her babies have been up to in the Bay. They are a delight, and she is proud of every single one, but they can be a tentaclefull.

Mural in detail
The mural in detail

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