Cryptography Quilt – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Cryptography Quilt

Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

A deeper incursion in the Cryptography Quilt Story

As far as we can remember, the Quilt was always here. It is a constant soothing presence, reflecting the many blue hues of the sky in all its possible moods.

 It is mysterious, depicting all manner of things.

We think we can recognize animals — a pigeon, a squirrel, a little man — but we are not sure.

  • Pigeon

Scientists remind us that it could just be our imagination at work: we like to see patterns everywhere. Maybe they are right; although we believe we recognize some of the designs, others are clearly not of this world. Our philosophers have theories about the meaning of the whole apparition — it is all about hidden layers of information, they say. Whatever. We just enjoy its beauty.

It is also clearly a source of hidden energy: some of the Cavalcade pages became attracted to its verso, and then those wondrous Balls erupted.

At some point, a smaller sister quitlet floated down, snuggling up next to its bigger sister.
It is clearly of the same family, and it too seems to have animals on it, and other magical

But the Quilt just takes it in stride, serene as always, floating above our land.

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