Cryptography Quilt – Fabrication

The Cryptography Quilt was designed and fabricated by Dominique Ehrmann, Li-Mei Lim and Mary Williams. It was part of Dominique’s design from the very beginning. Even in the earliest ⅛ scale maquette, presented at the Joint Mathematical Meeting 2020, one can already recognize the Cryptography Quilt in blue and white tones, with its big centralContinue reading “Cryptography Quilt – Fabrication”

Cryptography Quilt – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

A deeper incursion in the Cryptography Quilt Story  It is mysterious, depicting all manner of things. We think we can recognize animals — a pigeon, a squirrel, a little man — but we are not sure. It is also clearly a source of hidden energy: some of the Cavalcade pages became attracted to its verso,Continue reading “Cryptography Quilt – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass”

Cryptography Quilt – Mathematical Connections

Cryptography or “secret writing” is an old concept. For several millenia at least, people have wanted to communicate messages to distant others in such a way that even if the message was intercepted, it would not be readable by the interceptors. To achieve this, they have used different forms of “encoding” information; would-be interceptors inventedContinue reading “Cryptography Quilt – Mathematical Connections”