Quiltlet – Mathematical Connections

Quantum key distribution scheme BB84 The small quantum cryptography quiltlet, attached to the large Cryptoquilt, illustrates the quantum key distribution scheme BB84, which was the first quantum cryptography protocol. The Brassard-Bennett 84 protocol was first published in a 1984 conference; here is a copy of that first paper.  In this scheme, two parties have toContinue reading “Quiltlet – Mathematical Connections”

Cryptography Quilt – Fabrication

The Cryptography Quilt was designed and fabricated by Dominique Ehrmann, Li-Mei Lim and Mary Williams. It was part of Dominique’s design from the very beginning. Even in the earliest ⅛ scale maquette, presented at the Joint Mathematical Meeting 2020, one can already recognize the Cryptography Quilt in blue and white tones, with its big centralContinue reading “Cryptography Quilt – Fabrication”

Cryptography Quilt – Mathematical Connections

Cryptography or “secret writing” is an old concept. For several millenia at least, people have wanted to communicate messages to distant others in such a way that even if the message was intercepted, it would not be readable by the interceptors. To achieve this, they have used different forms of “encoding” information; would-be interceptors inventedContinue reading “Cryptography Quilt – Mathematical Connections”