Cryptography Quilt – Fabrication

Cryptography Quilt


Back of the first maquette (prototypwe of the Cryptography Qui;lt on the right)

The Cryptography Quilt was designed and fabricated by Dominique Ehrmann, Li-Mei Lim and Mary Williams. It was part of Dominique’s design from the very beginning. Even in the earliest ⅛ scale maquette, presented at the Joint Mathematical Meeting 2020, one can already recognize the Cryptography Quilt in blue and white tones, with its big central padlock. (In contrast, the reverse, which would ultimately become the Great Doodle Page, was one of the last components to “gel”.)

Name of each block
Visual of the blocs

The subjects and design of the individual blocks in the Quilt were discussed in many (Zoom) meetings by Dominique, Li-Mei and Mary. Blocks were put together by each of the three fabricators, and pieced together and bound into one large quilt by Dominique.

Sketch of Li-Mei

From drawings to quilt blocs

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