Curio Shop – Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Curio Shop

Through the Mathemalchemy Looking Glass

Harriet Conway, the shopkeeper of Conway’s Curios, has just opened up the metallic security door, turned on the lighting, preened herself, and hopped onto her perch for what she hopes will be another good day.

She looks around appreciatively — all the luxury wares in the store are displayed optimally. The fragile but gorgeous handblown glass Klein bottle is tucked away safely out of the main throughway, but still nicely visible, sitting near her calculator

Hmm … maybe the borromean rings in that corner need a better location; she’ll have to talk about it with Horton, her brother. He has already walked up the Lighthouse ramp to the Terrace with his sketchbook.

Harriet notes again the great spot he found next to the door entry for the newly stocked golden spiral placemats and coasters.

If the weather holds, visitors to the resort will soon come strolling, and they may well like this new, modestly priced but quality item. Maybe today will be the day that someone will go for the pricey gold replica of Alexander’s sculpture in the park.

Horned Sphere sculpture
Horned Sphere in Conway’s Curios

Or the wall hanging?

Even though the profit on the sale of the wall hanging would make her day, she would be sad to see that go: the store will look a bit empty without it.

There is that pesky little octopus again!  Did he manage to pilfer something this time? She’ll have to keep a sharp eye out … If only OctoPi would keep better control of her offspring, everything would be perfect in our shopkeeper’s day.

Conway's Curio, the Curio Shop of Mathemalchemy
Conway's Curios Signby Edmund Harriss
Conway’s Curios Sign by Edmund Harriss

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