Cryptography Quilt – Fabrication

The Cryptography Quilt was designed and fabricated by Dominique Ehrmann, Li-Mei Lim and Mary Williams. It was part of Dominique’s design from the very beginning. Even in the earliest ⅛ scale maquette, presented at the Joint Mathematical Meeting 2020, one can already recognize the Cryptography Quilt in blue and white tones, with its big centralContinue reading “Cryptography Quilt – Fabrication”

Stack of Books – Fabrication

Books: From the beginning to the end The Stack of Books was one of the very early components for the installation. Once we had decided that the books should be recognizable, in that one would see titles and authors on their spines, we had lengthy discussions about which books to pick. It became clear quicklyContinue reading “Stack of Books – Fabrication”

Tortoise – Fabrication

Tess the Tortoise Tortoise’s Story The outline of the Tortoise’s story, and the different concepts highlighted in it, were formulated by Jessica K. Sklar. This was a component that crystallized early on—it was essentially adopted as conceived. Read Tess the Tortoise’s Story by Jessica K. Sklar Tortoise’s Shell Tess’s ceramic shell was crafted by LizContinue reading “Tortoise – Fabrication”